General Plunge Team: When you register for the plunge you will be given the opportunity to form a team. This can be a group of friends, your household, a club you belong to, even you and your pet! Name your team, fundraise together, plunge from home together, make the plunge a memorable experience for yourself and others. Just make sure the team lead registers first and creates the team before other team members join.

If your team includes people from outside your household or ‘pod’ and you plan to plunge together, we encourage you to wear masks and stay 6 feet apart.

Fundsharing Plunge Team:  CCAN makes this option available to nonprofit allies who want to use the Plunge to raise funds  for their own activities. Your team must raise a minimum of $1,000 to participate in fundsharing, but that’s not hard and we encourage you to set your sights high, especially since you can have unlimited team members! CCAN and your team will split the profits 50-50. For example, if your team raises $5000 for the plunge, your organization will receive $2,500. You handle recruiting for your team and selecting a captain to coordinate with us; we’ll handle all the plunger support materials, national promotion, and planning. Last year, our top-ranking team raised $16,000! 

If you are interested in forming a non-profit or faith based team for fundsharing opportunities, please email Janet Redman at [email protected].


Upon registering for the plunge you will be given the opportunity to join a Team. If you have already registered as an individual plunger, you can join a team by emailing us at [email protected] with the subject line "Plunge Team Request."  You can see a list of teams by clicking here. Please note that some are open to anyone to join while others are closed to group members only.