Take your plunge a step further and send a message to your representative on Capitol Hill and your state legislature. Join us in telling them that climate MUST be a priority in 2021. Now is not the time for our leaders to get cold feet, now is a time for them to keep their promises on climate. 

  1.  UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA: Check out our social media packet in the Plunger Toolbox for sample posts to raise awareness on the climate crisis with your peers and what solutions must be taken in 2021.
  2. SEND A MESSAGE WITH YOUR PLUNGE: Use your plunge to send a message to your representatives. Create signs and record your plunge with an ask. We will give you tips on what to say!
  3. SHARE YOUR PLUNGE ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Be sure to share your plunge videos and photos on social media using our hashtags and tag your representatives and CCAN.
  4. SHARE YOUR PLUNGE WITH CCAN: Send your plunge photos and videos to plunge@chesapeakeclimate.org and we will compile them into a video to share with you and your representatives.
  5. LETTER WRITING: After the plunge we are asking plungers to send emails to their representatives on why they must take meaningful climate action NOW! 

We will be sending more tips and information on how to use your plunge for climate advocacy as we get closer to February 13th.