Q: How can I participate in Coins4CURE?

A: Sign up for an in-person coin drive, or create a fundraising page to host a virtual Coins4CURE coin drive! Simply click here to order your free supplies (2-gallon coin jar with lid and information about CURE), or click here to create your virtual coin drive page.

Q: We are busy with other school, business, or organization activities…will this take a lot of time to organize?

A: The great thing about Coins4CURE is that it is totally turn-key! We supply you with all the materials and tools for your coin drive, whether it be virtual or in-person!

Q: Can I have host a physical coin drive and a virtual coin drive at the same time?

A: Of course! Participate in Coins4CURE by hosting a virtual and/or physical coin drive. Combine virtual coin jar and physical coin jar totals for a grand total for your school, business, or organization.