How do I create my own fundraiser?

The Inova Health Foundation has its own peer-to-peer fundraising platform – similar to sites like Go Fund Me, but without fees deducted from donations.


Inova’s platform allows people to create their own fundraising page – and we encourage you to share this information with others in the community who are looking for ways to care for Inova patients and team members.


Now you can offer an easy and tangible way to make a difference. To set up your own fundraiser, go to and follow the four easy steps.


Create an account. If you login with Facebook or Google, your social profile information will be added to your fundraising page.


Fill in a few details about your fundraiser. Add a headline and summary description. Samples included on page two here.


Set a goal.


Share with your social networks and make your own gift to get started!

My friends and family are worried about their own financial situation. Is this the right time to ask for support?

During times of crisis and tremendous uncertainty, many of us are looking to help in any way possible. The amazing thing about grassroots fundraisers is the “power of many.” Gifts as small as $5 can make a difference when they are added to a large group of donations.

Still need help?

Don't worry, if you need assistance we would love to help. Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at (703) 289-2072